The perfection in technique, the sensitive study of feminine strength and the exploration of seduction are the constants of Juan Vidal's work.

He began his artistic studies at the University of Barcelona Fine Arts and later studied fashion design at the Escuela Superior de Diseño Felicidad Duce. Before finishing his studies he won the prize awarded by FAD Barcelona with his novel collection, since then he has presented his collections on national and international catwalks with the firm that bears his name.

Her collections are influenced by her artistic training in the use of color, conceptualization and volume. In his work is determinant the study of both classical and iconographic and artistic references as well as the search for technical perfection taken to the maximum detail that drinks from his family tradition.

In recent years Juan Vidal has received numerous awards that endorse his work as creative director as the 'Who's On Next' award granted by Vogue magazine, the Telva award for best national designer, or the National Fashion Award by the Ministry of Industry of Spain.

Juan Vidal currently combines his work as creative director at the firm that bears his name with teaching at the Centro Superior de Diseño de la Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and at IED Barcelona where he is the director of fashion projects.

In this new stage Juan Vidal brings his consolidated vision to offer a new, more casual and contemporary concept in which he invites you to enjoy fashion as a weapon of female empowerment.


Desire, sophistication, love, but above all desire.

Irrational feelings as an engine of inspiration. Passion, obsession, conceptualization and cultural references are the heart that makes design interesting.

Emotional states that move our actions and creativity in an impulsive and human way, are transformed into dresses that provoke different feelings, with which begins a new adventure that speaks of autonomy and independence. A feminine fashion proposal that seeks love for oneself.

Self-esteem and confidence are transferred through collections that far from trends and standards seek to create a project that serves as a creative vehicle for different artistic disciplines, where eclecticism and beauty are the starting point of a woman without age or origin, who understands clothing as a form of expression.

In the contemporary environment, seduction is conveyed through direct messages, like a dress. Juan Vidal was born to share feelings, to provoke desire.


L'Oréal Paris Award Best Collection MBFWMadrid FW20/21.

Aguja Brillante Award guild tailors and dressmakers Valencian Community.

National Culture Award of the Community of Madrid.2017 - Cultural Referent of Style by Unidad Editorial. Iberian Press.

L'Oréal Paris Award Best Collection MBFWMadrid SS18. 2016 - Telva Award Best Designer of the Year.2015 - National Fashion Award for New Value by the Spanish Ministry of Industry.

Fuera de Serie Award. Editorial Unit. 2014 - L'Oréal Paris Award Best collection MBFWMadrid FW14/15 2013 - L'Oréal Paris Award Best co0lection MBFWMadrid SS13/14 2013 - Vogue Who's On Next Award.

Best collection Valencia Fashion Week, SS12.

Best Collection Award Valencia Fashion Week, FW 11/ 12 . 2010 - Best Designer Award by Tendencias Magazine.2009 - Revlon Best Collection Valencia Fashion Week, SS10.

Best Collection Award ModaFad Barcelona.